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We are a Middle-East-born foodstuff company operating since 2003. We grew and extended our operations to several places and now operating with branches in the UAE, Turkey, and Syria.

Despite offering a great range of foodstuffs, our speciality is tea. As our decades of long expertise & reputation precedes us in choosing and importing tea of the best quality from all over the world to places like the Middle-East, Europe, and Africa.

Having promoted our famous products like our green coffee beans, canned tuna and sardins, rice, palm oil, ghee, and butter our portfolio includes ties with corporates located in Eastern Asia, specifically in Sri Lanka, India, China ,Vietnam, Malaysa Indonesia, extending to the MENA in Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, and all the way to South America and Brazil. From the magnificent streets of Dubai to the ancient markets of Istanbul and Damascus - we are there for you.


  • Tea:

Indulge in the rich heritage and benefits of tea, an elixir steeped in tradition and taste. Originating from the Asian hills, our tea captivates with its special aroma and bold flavor, promising a journey of delight with every sip. With its antioxidant properties, it nourishes the body and the soul. From boosting metabolism to enhancing focus, our tea offers a holistic approach to wellness, one cup at a time.

  • Green Coffee Beans:

Hand picked from sustainable farms, our premium green Robusta and Arabica coffee beans provide you with unmatched fresheness and flavor. Improve your mornings with a rich aromatic tasteful cup that captivates your taste buds. As each sip is a journey.

  • Other products:

That’s not all! Let’s not forget to speak about our premium canned tuna and sardines, rice, palm oil, butter, and ghee. Some of which harvested for perfection, and others elevates your dishes to new heights of flavor. We have it all, and we can transform every meal into a delight.

When you drink tea, it is essentially a private conversation between the tea and your individual soul
Start your day by making coffee
Enjoy a healthy and delicious meal from our products


  • What do we import?

We import several food items like Tea, Green Tea, Green Coffee Beans, Canned Tuna and Sardines, Rice, Palm Oil, Butter, and Ghee.

  • Where do we import to?

With our connections, we are pretty certain that we can help you aquire the product on any place on earth.

  • How can we start importing?

You can reach us at to discuss your needs, and you certainly can start making money after that.

Life is boring without a cup of coffee.
Stay away from trouble with a relaxing cup of tea.
Stay away from trouble with a relaxing cup of tea.


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